about muse

luxury boudoir picture of lady sanding by a mirror

At the heart of this luxury boudoir photography brand is a trio of exceptionally talented and passionate female photographers who bring their unique vision and skill to every session they capture.


– Editor – Professional Photographer Magazine


Kate started shooting boudoir 15 years ago under Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography.   She is a Sony European Imaging Ambassador and Rotolight Master of Light.  In 2023 she launched new luxury boudoir brand MUSE with Elizabeth and Gemma. 

Meet three extraordinary artists who share a deep understanding of the female form and commitment to empowering women through their artistry. Each dedicated to providing an unforgettable luxury boudoir experience for every woman who walks through their doors.

three women behind the luxury boudoir brand muse


What is Boudoir Photography? It is many things and whilst we don’t particularly love the label ‘boudoir’ we appreciate it is probably how you found us.  To us it is a unique and powerful experience that results in beautiful art and a transformative, positive, change to a woman’s self esteem.   We produced the video below to help communicate what it means to us –  ‘a conversation with’ MUSE.


Boost your confidence

Celebrate your beauty

"Probably the best therapy you never even knew you needed"