The Power of Body Self-Esteem

And Why It’s So Vital for Women.

You may be thinking that a boudoir shoot is a self indulgent extravagance?  It is actually one of the kindest and most important gifts you can give yourself and/or the person you love. 

Why? Because tragically 80% of women have low body esteem and self-doubt holds them back.

Holds them back.  

Let’s just take that in for a moment and remember the Dove tagline ‘You’re more beautiful than you think’. 

In today’s world, where beauty standards are often distorted and unrealistic, cultivating a positive body image and self-esteem has become increasingly important, for everyone but particularly for women. Body self-esteem goes beyond mere physical appearance; it encompasses our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes towards our bodies as a whole.  

It results in the tone and content of our inner critic dialogue.   The dialogue that only you hear – which is much louder and holds greater weight than anything anyone else says to you.  Self-judgement also influences how women perceive and engage in relationships.  Negative body image can create barriers to emotional intimacy and connection with a partner.  When the reality is your partner thinks you are beautiful but, frustratingly, you won’t accept that.

Why are women so mean to themselves? So hyper-focused on perceived flaws that they aren’t able to see the whole picture?  

Whilst we don’t have the answer to ‘why’ we do have the ability to create images that will show you the beautiful truth.  We know, first hand, the hugely positive (and long term) impact it can have on a woman’s overall well-being.    Take the time to read the words of our clients and their partners who all took the time to write and say thank you.

“The photographs have not only provided us with stunning artwork but have also helped E embrace her beauty and strength. We are immensely grateful for the transformative experience.  Thank you once again, the impact of your work will stay with us forever.”


Kate, Elizabeth and Gemma also chat it all through during the video – ‘in conversation with MUSE’ on the About page. 

It’s perhaps time to look at this differently.   What’s the cost of NOT booking a boudoir shoot?