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the perfect gift

women in bridal lingerie on a boudoir chaise longue
women in boudoir bridal lingerie and mans white shirt
light and airy boudoir bridal photograph of red head
beautiful bridal boudoir portrait of a woman lying on a bed
dramatic image of a woman in bridal lingerie
woman sitting on a boudoir bench in bridal lingerie set with white stockings and suspender belt
beautiful white bridal boudoir lingerie
bridal boudoir photo of a woman in a wedding veil and lingerie
beautiful bridal boudoir photo including veil and engagement ring
silk and lace bridal boudoir lingerie

a selection of our bridal boudoir images

A bridal boudoir shoot is the most perfect wedding gift for your groom because you can truly give yourself to your soulmate in the most beautiful and unique way.   Chances are you will also be in the best shape of your life with the possibility of starting a family on the horizon…

If you would like to ‘gift’ a beautiful album to your husband-to-be you need to plan your shoot at least 3 months ahead of the wedding – if you don’t have that long left we can still produce prints or similar if the shoot is within a month of the big day. 

We have seen the incredible confidence transformation that it can give to brides to be and Valentine Weddings discuss bridal boudoir photography as part of a blog post on Seven Ways to Boost Confidence for Brides.