How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photoshoot

Most women need a little time to prepare for a shoot – to find the right lingerie and to feel good physically and mentally.    We appreciate the effort you go to beforehand and want you to know that once you arrive it is over to us.  We absolutely do NOT expect you to know what to do.  The most important thing is that you enjoy the actual shoot – beautiful pictures are a collaboration between the photographer and the client and, especially with a boudoir shoot, this is about atmosphere, exceptional lighting, good direction and trust between us.

What you can do before the boudoir shoot:


For more information on what we advise that you bring with us please read our dedicated blog post ‘What Should I Bring To My Boudoir Shoot’.

Beauty Preparation

  • Make sure any depilation is conducted several days in advance to avoid any rashes or ‘plucked pores’.
  • For a few weeks leading up to the shoot get into the habit of exfoliating your body and moisturising.  Particularly the back of thighs and bum!
  • Whether you want a tan is up to you – pale is just as beautiful. If you do opt for a fake tan preferably tried & tested previously and no tan lines please!.
  • Polished nails, both hands and feet, not only look great but make you feel prepared.  Think carefully about the colour and your chosen outfits.  If there is any potential for clashes opt for a neutral or french.
  • Use a clear deodorant, not the white powdery kind.
  • Consider having your hair professionally blow-­dried/styled.
  • If you colour your hair, do this at least a few days in advance – particularly important if you get dark roots.
  • If you are doing your own make-­up think evening, sultry, glamour – you want a more obvious look than you would perhaps normally choose and remember to bring your make-­up with you. We love false eyelashes – both removable and semi permanent ones but don’t go too heavy – we want to see your eyes!
  • If your session includes hair and make up, then arrive with a clean complexion, and washed but unprepared hair.

Travel Preparation

  • Arriving for your boudoir shoot anxious and fraught is not conducive to fun so make sure you plan for your journey carefully.   Find out more about our locations here.
  • Wear loose-­fitting clothes to the shoot; try not to wear anything that will leave marks on your skin (tight bra straps, belts, socks, etc.). A button-­up or zip top is ideal to avoid disturbing hair and make-­up.


  • If you have a strong idea of what you want or like then we advise you put a Pinterest board together and send it to us in advance.   But don’t feel you have to – if you want to leave it up to us to decide what poses will work best for you that is absolutely fine.