Is Boudoir Photography Suitable For All Body Types?

We do get asked “is boudoir photography suitable for all body types?”. In our modern world, the concept of a one-size-fits-all definition of beauty has become increasingly challenged and replaced by a more inclusive and diverse understanding of beauty. Beauty standards have evolved over time and continue to do so, reflecting changing cultural norms and societal values.  There is a great article and visual history lesson to be found here on Science of the People.

In the world of boudoir photography, there is also no one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. It’s a realm where all body types are welcomed, celebrated, and empowered. Boudoir photoshoots offer a unique opportunity for individuals to embrace their bodies, boost self-confidence, and create stunning, intimate art.

The definition of beauty is subjective and personal. What one person finds beautiful, another may not.  So, whether you have a curvaceous figure, an athletic physique, or anything in between, the MUSE boudoir photography experience will be tailored to suit you. 

We use our experience and skill in styling, posing and lighting to celebrate what is most gorgeous about you.   We actively encourage open communication and collaboration – before the shoot we can discuss your vision, preferences, and any concerns you may have.

So to answer the question “is boudoir photography suitable for all body types” we say of course.  And our unique dark and sultry style of boudoir is particularly well suited to feminine curves. You may not think this is reflected in our boudoir photography galleries – this is because 90% of our clients don’t want us to share their images.  Which is understandable!